Resources and Further Reading Material


I have provided on this page and range of resource material that can be used for your own individual study and help with issues you may be experiencing. But also to help you understand who I am as a psychotherapist so that you can better decide whether I am the “right fit” for you. I hope you find the material useful and informative.

John Gottman:


Books by John Gottman:

Take the Gottman Relationship Quiz:

This web page---from Gottman's site---contains two relationship quizzes. One consists of 22 questions, the other, 9 questions. This material was copyrighted in 2004 though is still very applicable to issues today. Should you decide to take the quizzes (which I recommend), and you and I are working in therapy together, please bring in the results so we can discuss them.

Harville Hendrix:

Websites: and also,

Books by Harville Hendrix:

Terrence Real:


Books by Terrence Real:

Descriptions of Various Types of Therapy Modalities

NOTE: The following subject matter is currently being developed and will be provided in the near future

Solution Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Transactional Analysis

Rational-Emotive Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Additional Resource Material:

To access any of this additional resource material, DOUBLE CLICK on the item and it will be presented to you in a separate screeen. When you are viewing the material, at time you can also download or print the material. To return to this web-page from the document, you merely have to CLOSE that document window and the original list of archived documents will re-appear.

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